If you… (I spent too much time on publicshaming ‘s tumblr today 😭)

Use the words “retarded” and/or “gay” like they are derogatory adjectives

Use racial slurs of any kind

Think words like “gyped” and “jewed” are not racial slurs

Are 100% pro-life

Are pro-life AND pro-capital punishment (like, whoa how does that work)

Blast people who are on wellfare

Believe the adoption of babies from places like Asia, Africa, and South America to places like the US is saving the lives of children

Believe all people are born with equal opportunity and therefore have the exact same chance at wealth, health, education, and success

Think feminism is the antithesis of feminine

Say things like, “I’m colorblind.”

Get up in arms about your right to bear arms

Don’t think taking care of and providing support for its people is the responsibility of the government

Don’t understand the impact of food deserts on low-income families across the nation

Are racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, and/or conservative

Think people who speak broken English are funny (because speaking multiple languages is hilarious)

Hyper-sexualize any single race

Think Asians don’t experience racism

Believe in blind faith

We probably can’t be friends. By probably, I mean we can’t. I probably hate you. By probably, I mean I do.

1 year ago